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Cremation Services

Simply put, Cremation is the accelerated reduction of the remains to ash, through the process of heat and fire.
There are many misconceptions about cremation such as it is more environmentally friendly than traditional burial.  We urge families to consider whichever option suits them best. 
Decomposition of the body in the earth (after burial) is the slow oxidation of the body tissues. Cremation, on the other hand, provides rapid oxidation.
While the purchase of a cremation casket is not legally required for cremation in the State of Colorado, Colorado law mandates that the body must be place in a container, which is combustible, rigid, leak proof and fully encases the body. Cremation caskets are available for those who prefer.

Cremation Choices

If the body is cremated:
  • The cremated remains can be taken home by the family.
  • The cremated remains can be scattered in the mountains or at a place that holds special memories. Some jurisdictions have laws prohibiting the scattering of remains; others require a permit. Ask your funeral director.
  • The cremated remains can be placed in a niche within a columbarium.
  • The cremated remains can be buried in the ground in a regular plot or in a smaller cremation plot.
  • The cremated remains can be entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum.

Why People Choose Cremation

Those who choose cremation often hold the belief that it is better to honor the memory of the person, not the dead body. In the United States, in 1972, only five percent chose cremation. That number had quintupled by 1999, with over 25% choosing cremation.

Other Reasons You Might Choose Cremation

  • Some people believe that a cremated body becomes one with nature more quickly.
  • Cremation is traditional in your family, religious group, or geographical area.
  • Perhaps you are worried about the use of valuable land for cemetery space.
  • You want to keep the costs down.  Actually, a major factor affecting cost when considering burial vs cremation is cemetery expenses.  If you already own cemetery plots, the cost difference may not be as significant you might think.

Decisions You Must Make If You Choose Cremation

  • Selection of a cremation casket or alternative container.
  • Will there be a viewing (public or private) prior to the cremation?
  • Will there be a memorial service (traditional or creative)?
  • Selection of an urn or to use the holding container provided by the funeral home.
  • What to do with the cremated remains.

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